GoodPerspective Banners for campus and community-wide outreaches

People are discovering that these banners are even easier to use than the cards or the apps. They have proven to be an effective and exciting way to meet and talk with new people about what they believe. The banners work great in conjunction with the cards or app, but can be used alone. Imagine how a set of Perspective Banners could foster conversations on your campus, in your community or at your church!

Each set of banners comes with the following six banners: 

  • Introduction Banner
  • Nature of God Banner
  • Meaning & Purpose of Life Banner
  • Human Nature Banner
  • Identity of Jesus Banner
  • Source of Spiritual Truth Banner

Order a set of banners from the Cru Store HERE! (Allow a week for printing and assembly before banners ship.)

All five category banners  give direction, all the perspectives for that category and questions to ask participants.

banners 55

banners 54

Banners come in three options: 32″x72″ banners with X-frame stands (pictured on left below), 32″x72″ banners without stands and 33″x80″ banners with standard stands (pictured on right below).

banners 28

banners 27

Advantages of the 32”x72” Banner Set with X-frame stands:

  • Lightweight (20lbs vs 41lbs for the Standard set)
  • Stable on uneven, sloped or rough ground
  • Won’t fall over easily if facing a light breeze.
  • Less expensive than the standard
  • In summary – This set is better suited for outdoor use, though they would work well anywhere there is ample space. As with any self-standing banner, use care to keep them out of winds which might cause damage.

banners 48

banners 47

Advantages of the 32”x72” Banner Set without stands:

  • Ultra lightweight (10lbs)
  • Most compact and easy to travel with.
  • Can be hung on walls, hung from outdoor canopies, or even tent-staked to the ground!
  • If attached to a solid, sturdy surface (like plywood), could stand up against some strong winds.
  • The most economical option.
  • In summary – These are the same banners used in our X-frame sets but don’t include stands or bags. This set is very economical and will allow you to be creative in how to present them. Each banner is made of sturdy material with metal grommets on each corner.

Perspective Banners No Stand

Advantages of the 33”x80” Banner Set with standard stands:

  • Can be set up and taken down quickly (banners retract into the base of the stand)
  • Take up little floor space, so can be placed against a wall or on a sidewalk
  • Are smaller and shorter when packed up in their cases (35” vs 50” long)
  • The stands are more durable (aluminum vs plastic & metal)
  • In summary – This set is better suited for indoor use, though sandbags could be added to the base to add support against a very light breeze

banners 38

banners 29