Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the numbered Christian worldview cards go on the app? 

After the first five categories, tap on SHARE THOUGHTS ON CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW. They are all marked by a circular arrow on the top right corner of the cards. Tapping on the circular arrow will flip the card over to reveal the expanded Christian perspective and questions. Touch the text and scroll up or down to view all of it.

Are you planning to make an Android app? When will it be out?

Yes! We just began internal testing of the Android app. We hope the final release to Google Play will be in Mid October.

Does the iPhone app work on an iPad?

The app was not designed for iPad, but it happens to work well on an iPad. Just make sure to initially launch the app while the iPad is in portrait orientation (with the home button on the bottom).

Why does the app looked swished on my iPad?

If you have already opened the app in landscape orientation, you will need to force the app down first and open it again while in portrait in order to fix the swished screen problem. To force the app down, press the home button two times fast (like a double click). Then scroll left or right until you see the Perspective app in the middle of your screen. Swipe up on the image of the Perspective app and it will forced down, no longer running in the background. Now launch the app again while holding the iPad in portrait orientation. It should work just fine now. The app will only work properly on an iPad if it is launched while the iPad is in portrait orientation. Along with a few minor quirks on an iPad, this is on a list of things to fix in a future update.

Will you have other languages in the app? When?

We would like to add features, such as multiple language support, as our users communicate what they most want from the app. We will evaluate what features should be added after the English Android app is out.

I’ve found an Android app version of Perspective. Why is it not in English?

This is Romanian. Created by Cru in Romania. The English Android version is coming out in October 2015.

Can I ask friends to download the app and go through it by themselves?

The app was 100% designed to facilitate live conversations. This is because the powerful self realizing aspect of a player’s experience is lost without vocalizing their views to another person. We expect most conversations will take place face to face. However, If you want someone who doesn’t live near you to go through the app, we highly encourage you to go through the app with them over the phone or by video (Skype, Google Chat, FaceTime, etc.).

While you’re talking, ask them to download the app. Follow along with them, ask them questions after each category, listen as they share their thoughts on the Christian worldview cards, talk through their barriers to faith, and discuss how you can help them take the next step they want to take on their spiritual journey.

If a player doesn’t want to make a selection on a certain category or the Next Step section in the app, is there a way to skip it? What should I do when this happens?

You can temporarily skip to another category by pressing the Menu button, then the desired category.  The app is currently programmed to require a player to select at least one card in each category in order to continue to the next section.

What you could do will depend on the situation. You could have the player arbitrarily choose the top card in order to move on. You could have them choose all the cards in the category, thereby signifying that no card means more than the others. You could also ask the player if there are any cards which they definitely don’t believe. Then, have them select all the cards except those they definitely don’t believe.

If I don’t have a data connection when I use the app, will it still work and can I still send game results to players?

Yes, the app was designed to work with and without a data connection. If you have an email account or Messages setup on your device, they should send results as soon as the device is reconnected to cellular data or a wifi connection. You can check your sent items in your email and check the Messages app to confirm that your email or SMS have been sent.

If I use the app on an iPad or iPod Touch, will I be able SMS (text) players their results?

It will depend on whether you have Messages configured on your device. We recommend testing each feature to make sure they work as desired before using it with someone.